A messy photomanipulation for fun, with two base images as usual: a student walking between ruined buildings, and a macro of forget-me-not flowers. Spilled color / burnt film texture and a moiré underpainting (last image in series). Embracing both inherent blur and rough bucket-fill edges. At the same time feeling small, almost fragile, and alone,... Continue Reading →

Annapurna Circuit

Another piece with nature + technology elements, this time with a Motorola MC68012 processor from the 80s and a sweeping view of the Annapurna mountains. I have made many pieces like this before, almost identically, but haven't tired of it yet. It is an easy escape: The moiré waves overflow off the edges of a landscape... Continue Reading →

Weather system approach

New art made in an afternoon. I found a CC0 photo site (public domain Creative Commons) so naturally I found a good landscape + clouds photo for making good old fashioned digital art. Aesthetic: fruit salad - watermelon, blood oranges, blackberries highly pigmented watercolors with color bleeds partially destroyed photos strong winds sudden drop... Continue Reading →

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